Photography holidays and tours are the ideal break for those who enjoy photography, and, well… holidays!

Whether you are just starting out and looking to learn basic skills, or a seasoned pro wanting to visit all the best photography locations, a holiday or tour designed around photography will be a fun, rewarding and enjoyable experience.

photography holidaysWhy choose our photographic holidays and tours?

Good question! Hopefully you’ll find the answer by exploring our website. And if you are still not 100% sure then we’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, here are a few of the best reasons to choose us:

  • All our photography holidays are led by experienced and successful photographers.
  • We are experts in travel as well as photography; as knowledgeable on local culture and customs as we are on f-stops and shutter speed.
  • We know all the best locations and visit them at the best times. This means you have the very best chance of getting great images.
  • You’ll be travelling with a small group of like minded people. You will get the coaching you need from the photography leader and you’ll have a lot in common with your fellow travellers.
  • You will return home with some enviable pictures and improved photography skills.

What can you expect to learn on our photo holidays and tours?

That depends on what you need to learn. If you book our 1 day pre-holiday tuition course then we’ll take you through the finer details of the technical and compositional aspects of photography, tailored as much as possible to meet your particular needs. On the holiday itself, you’ll get loads of help and advice on how to get the most out of the photographic locations we visit. That might include deciding which settings to choose, how to make the most of the light, dealing with bad weather or how to think of new and creative ways to capture the scene in front of you.

What types of photography are covered?

You will improve your travel, landscape, wildlife and architectural photography. There will usually be some great opportunities for portait, macro and still life photography too. The opportunities vary with the location we are visiting, and the particular set of conditions on any given day, but rest assured we only go to places that are great for photography so there will always be something interesting to shoot!

Choose your photography holiday or tour

We have an exciting range of photography holidays, from an 11 day adventure exploring the souks, ancient city streets and desert landscapes of Magical Morocco, to a week photographing the lavender fields and medieval cities of the South of France or the whitewashed villages, Moorish towns and glorious countryside of Andalucia

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