Here’s a great little resource from CameraSim that we’ve been using for a while to help people get their heads around exposure, and how shutter speed, aperture and ISO affect your images.

(Please note – if you are viewing on a mobile device, this might not work as it uses Adobe Flash which some mobile operating systems don’t support)

Here are a few things to try (in Manual mode!)…

  1. Can you find a shutter speed that allows the fan to be blurred but the little girl to be sharp?
  2. How about the effect the focal length has on the minimum shutter speed you can use to get a sharp image (without using the tripod)?
  3. Try setting the exposure correctly and then changing the lighting slightly, as if there had been a subtle change in the weather. See the affect this has on the image.
  4. What happens to the image when you have to set the ISO really high, for example with the lighting set to ‘dim indoors’?
  5. Are you able to work out what effect the aperture has on the background? How does the focal length also impact this effect?

If you get stuck, puzzled or having any questions please comment, we’ll be happy to help!

And if you want to practice in an infinitely more exciting and enjoyable way, then we’d love to have you join us on one of our photography holidays!